Produced by: Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Curren$y: “Marvin Gaye performed in Montreal—in 1980, I believe—and I got the shit on DVD. It’s fuckin’ amazing. The beat got some of the instruments on it that reminded me of ‘You Sure Love To Ball’ by Marvin Gaye. He didn’t perform the record, which makes me sad. There was a lot of amazing shit going on at that place and at that time and that’s why I named it that.

“That Montreux DVD was the first time I actually sat down and watched him perform. I used to see my parents watch shit like that, but I never paid attention. But I watched it and the way he conducted himself on stage, it shapes the way I perform. When I started watching that DVD, it was the same time I was working on This Ain’t No Mixtape. I wasn’t really performing. I had come into my own and by the time people were checking for me performance-wise, I had already found my niche and Marvin’s shit so it was legit. I’m always excited to hear people who like my stage performances, so I gotta let them know where I picked it up.”

Ski Beatz: “Curren$y said some lyrics on that like, ‘Al Jarreau in the third row.’ And he was like, ‘Yo, if you actually look at video from that concert, Al Jarreau was actually in the third row.’ I bet you he watched that footage earlier that day or something. So I just started digging through the crates. I found some ill shit, chopped it up, and The Senseis came and we just re-embellished it and recreated it. I don’t remember none of those samples because we took them all out. The sample’s just the idea, like, ‘This is the vibe I want.’ Then The Senseis come in and recapture that moment. Then I do what I do to it.”