Produced by: Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Curren$y: “It was fuckin’ amazing to get Raekwon on the album. ‘The combination made my eyes bleed!’ It’s fuckin’ Raekwon. Dame put him on my shit. Dame played some records for him and he fucked with my shit. And I saw it was legit because we had opportunities to bump heads a few times and not speak about music. We never spoke about doing any joints together. When I finished ‘Michael Knight,’ I thought it was crazy and that Rae would kill that shit. I hit him on Twitter and I was like, ‘Yo, I think I got one for you.’ He said, ‘Cool, send it through.’ I got that shit back in like 48 hours.”

Raekwon: “I'm a big fan of Curren$y. He reminds me of Lil' Wayne. Not that he emulates Wayne, but you can tell they're from the same neck of the woods. He has that southern New Orleans bounce, but at the same token he's got that that East Coast flow, so I just see him mix everything up and make a nice little gumbo with it. He’s a cat representing his side of the world, but still appreciating hip-hop to the fullest. He’s like a young old-timer.

“I was doing business with Dame—we're actually working on a film situation—and he was telling me about Curren$y. I actually met Curren$y two years ago, but I didn't really know him. So I heard a couple of joints that Dame and I was like, ‘Yeah, shorty's definitely got what it takes to be a winner.’ [The whistle on the hook] was something that I was checking out as well. You know, RZA does the same shit, so I guess that's his little energy booster right there. I was out of town [when I recorded my verse] but I was excited to do the joint because he's an up-and-coming cat. I was like, ‘That's my little brother, let me handle it for him.’ I like to embrace all the younger generation MCs that I feel really have it and really want it. I feel he’s a good poet.”

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