Produced by: Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Ski Beatz: “I was making that song originally for The J.E.T.S.’ album. As a matter of fact, ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Highed Up’ were originally for The J.E.T.S.’ album. But Curren$y heard them and took them since he’s the boss of The J.E.T.S. [Laughs.] He took the beats and ‘Highed Up’ was one of them. The crazy horn sample was bananas. He had someone come in and replayed that bitch after Brady called his horn guy in who used a sousaphone.”

Brady Watt of The Senseis: “A sousaphone is like a giant trombone that goes above your head. [My horn guys were] Nadab Nerumberg and Omar Little, they were in here and one guy had his sousaphone touching the ceiling because it’s a huge horn [and a very small room]. But there’s also a trombone and a trumpet on there though. And they switched [the sample] completely around, changed the lines, and it was dope.

“Those guys are all cats I play with in New York. I’ve been playing in New York for a couple of years, playing random sessions with all different people. So I have a little network of people to call when we need them. So when we’ll need a certain type of instrumentation, I’ll get on the phone and call them. It’s whoever can get there first. They all say they’re going to get here in like 10 minutes, so whoever gets here first, gets on it. From Pilot Talk through Pilot Talk 2 stuff like that happened.”

Ski Beatz: “I recall one time a horn guy came...then another horn guy came...then I think another horn guy came. It was just a bunch of horn dudes in the studio like, ‘What up?’ [Laughs.] But we worked it out. In the end I think one horn played on one song, and then the other two played on another song.”

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