Produced by: Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Curren$y: “This is featuring The J.E.T.S. It’s just me and my homies, you know? I was stupid high, chillin’, and I was rappin’ about the shit I do all the time.”

Brady Watt of The Senseis: “Dame actually rented an ill house for us upstate, an hour north of the city. It's in the middle of nowhere—you've got to drive down an ill dirt road to get there. We were up there in the wilderness. For a while we were going back and forth doing sessions up there just to catch different inspiration and kind of get away from the city. There's a lot of people around The Dojo, people constantly dropping in. This was secluded. We were definitely in the zone up there. We were there for a few days at a time, straight banging out beats. We did a lot of stuff for The Senseis’ album there.”

Ski Beatz: “That house is pretty much like the second Dojo. It’s got lots of rooms, great equipment, so we just record. Curren$y didn’t like that song at first, but he did his verse on it. He said what made him love it was when Trade and Roddy got on it. There’s no chorus on that. It’s just flight instructions from a stewardess giving flight briefings. So we threw that in. When I brought the song back [to DD172] I didn’t want to use the [stewardess] sample, because I didn’t want to have any problems clearing it.

“Amanda Diva actually redid that stewardess sample for us. Amanda was in the studio, she comes around every now and then. She’s like our distant cousin, she’s down with us for real. She was just painting the wall, and I said, ‘Yo Amanda, you want to try something?’ And she said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I need you to re-say this, just like that.’ And she said ‘All right.’ So Amanda read it verbatim and did it her way. It sounded perfect. It reminds me of some A Tribe Called Quest shit.”