Produced by: MonstaBeatz
Curren$y: “I did that at home two times, actually. I recorded it at home and we gave it out, mixtaped it for free. I wanted to put it on Pilot Talk II, but to make it new, we had to play it over with a live band and shit. So I went back to New Orleans and recorded it again.”

Jean Lephare of MonstaBeatz “‘Famous’ is a record we worked on a while ago and we got a great response. He had been doing it at a lot of his shows so he decided to put it on Pilot Talk II. It has a real laid-back vibe. We cut that one in New Orleans at the Haunted House. That’s what we call our studio, you know...since we’re monsters. [Laughs.] We mesh well with Curren$y. We have a good chemistry and every time we get together it’s a good formula. It’s simple and it works.”

Deelow of MonstaBeatz “‘Famous’ comes off of our Monsters On Mars album that was on iTunes. We had to remake it over for Pilot Talk II so we called up our people to play the horns over the Sade sample. It was just awesome. We got that new beat and Lord it was hot. We even did the air over that’s on the sample. That’s us making it sound like air, it was crazy. [Laughs.]”