Produced by: Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Curren$y: “Ski did a crazy beat and I fuckin’ rapped about a bunch of shit. At the end I named it that. I mean, the song isn’t about a flying aquarium, you know?”

Ski Beatz: “It was me, Curren$y, and Little Stevie—Steven Baker, that’s Dame’s nephew. I was going through samples trying to find something ill. And Little Stevie heard this sound and was like, ‘Yo, that’s dope!’ And Curren$y was like, ‘Yeah, that sounds like some Sea World shit. Like some dolphin music.’ So we chopped it up and the [my house band] The Senseis came in and played on top of it. Curren$y dropped those lyrics in and it was a match made in heaven.

“Sometimes I’m searching for tracks, and he might hear something, and he’ll say, ‘I like that sound.’ Then I’ll try to make a beat out of it. But most of the time, I’ll just make a beat that I think that he’ll rhyme on and say, ‘Yo, I got a track. Check it out.’ And he’ll come down and listen to it and say, ‘Okay, that’s dope.’ Then he’ll start writing. But I have no idea how he titles his songs.”