Produced by: Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Ski Beatz: “We were going through some Marvin Gaye records. And Curren$y let me hear this Marvin Gaye record and said, ‘I want this kind of vibe.’ I can’t remember the one he played for me. So I was like, ‘That’s cool, but listen to this Marvin Gaye record.’ I played him [‘Come Live With Me, Angel’]. So we reworked it, restructured it, got that same feel, and we came up with ‘A Gee.’

“We’re independent and we don’t want to be trying to clear shit when we don’t have any bread to clear it. And we want shit to come out right away. That’s why we [re-work samples]. Most of the time, if we do use a sample, we usually break that bitch down and change it completely to where you would never know where it came from. And then, boom, it’s a record.”