For the lead single of their debut album, Dipset repurposed Scarface's line from the Geto Boys' classic "Mind's Playin' Tricks on Me" and transformed it from a mentally weary lament into exuberance. The Dips were serving notice that they were coming for blood and didn't care who got in the way of their movement. Juelz even took shots at his own label boss, Jay-Z, shouting out "Cam for taking over the Roc." Surely this blatant sign of disrespect didn't help the already frail-to-nonexistent relationship between Jay and Cam. And then there was the magnificent bass line, which was so distinct it could be recognized humming subsonically from the back of a Yukon truck three blocks away. It was almost as if hearing "Dipset Anthem" reverberating through the mortar and brick of your home legally obligated you to fling aside that bag of 3-D Doritos, lunge heavily off the couch, and start bellowing about "listening to gangsta music." Aye!