Earlier this week, M.C. Hammer kept his promise and dropped "Better Run Run"—a Jay-Z dis record with an accompanying video, in response to a Jay line on Kanye's "So Appalled" clowning Hammer for blowing $30 million. The awfulness of the song and the absurdness of the beef aside, the video was a spectacular FAIL. Forget the fact that Hammer was dancing (poorly) in the music video for the dis song, but he also had a pretty lame Jay-Z impersonator. In Hammer's video, Jay sports a white tee and a Yankee fitted with the sticker still on it as he runs through the woods with the Devil. Worst part is, the Devil actually helps Jay write rhymes in the studio (Hov writing rhymes? FOH!). But we weren't surprised by Hammer's antics: After all, dissing rappers by creating parodies of them in your videos is a decidedly old school move. So we're taking a look back with Stunt Double: The 12 Funniest Rapper Impersonations In Music Videos.