Yep, William Shatner just covered Cee-Lo's "Fuck You": Do you really need to know anything else in order to watch this? He's a rocketman, baby! [LINK]

LCD Soundsystem evoke the Illuminati and Anna Kendrick for "Pow Pow" video: For the record, James Murphy isn't just some dance-punk. Sure, he can have a good time, but without warning, he can get deep on us, busting out some crazy symbolism and literary depth. All he needs to do so is a good beat, the directorial styles of David Ayer, the beauty of Anna Kendrick, and the city of Los Angeles. So, next time you're an at LCD show, dehydration from that ecstasy tablet you shared with a girl named Coco shouldn't be your only worry. [LINK]

Daft Punk alert! Hear a new Tron: Legacy song, see the tracklist: At CoS, it's mandatory we have Daft Punk news appear at least once every 24 hours (it's in our contracts or whatever.) For once, though, it's nice that it's actually the band and/or it's not just a snippet. "Outlands" is one of the first few full songs to appear from the 23-song soundtrack, so count your blessings; otherwise, we'd have to update with what they had for lunch yesterday. [LINK]

Marina & The Diamonds announce 2011 tour dates: There's no denying that 2010 was a breakthrough year for Marina & The Diamonds. Her debut LP, Family Jewels (ha, jewelry humor), and the subsequent string of successful singles launched this Welsh songbird into the indie pop stratosphere. Well, the only way to continue to be the diamond in the rough that is modern pop is to get out to the people, which Marina and her merry band of musicians do with a series of U.S. dates in 2011. Shine on. [LINK]

New Michael Jackson album due out on December 14th: In case you weren't aware, Michael Jackson is the highest-earning dead celebrity, according to Forbes. That's undoubtedly due to a boom in album sales, along with a few planned projects by his estate (a circus? Really?). We predict the earnings will grow once his new album, Michael, hits stores next month. Made up of old outtakes and material from his 2007 studio sessions with producer Eddie Cascio, we hope there's some random heat on there. [LINK]

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