Jamie xx details Gil Scott-Heron remix album, We're New Here: Jamie xx is a member of the beloved and sexually repressed indie rock group The xx. Gil Scott-Heron is a seminal soul and jazz singer and poet. When they come together under the same house, hilarity ensues. Actually, as much as we'd love that sitcom, they're really just attached thanks to a Jamie xx remix album of Gil's 2010 album, I'm New Here, that's going to be released this February. Then maybe that sitcom? [LINK]

Weezer and Best Coast play "Island In The Sun": It seems as if those veterans of nerd rock, Weezer, have taken a shining to the girly surf rock of Best Coast. First, it was a collabo between frontman Rivers Cuomo and frontwoman Bethany Cosentino. Then, the band brought the up-and-comers on their "Memories" tour. Now, it's a happy, shiny duet between Cosentino and Cuomo on "Island In The Sun". #whydontyougetmarriedalready. [LINK]

Sony Music owns Bradford Cox's bedroom: If you thought having two Starbucks on opposite corners was bad, how's this for corporate domination of our collective landscape: Sony Music has gone ahead and deleted three out of four volumes of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound figurehead Bradford Cox's bedroom recordings. As Cox explains, the recordings were taken down for covers (although Vol. 1 was the only real culprit) of Sony artists, including Bob Dylan. Despite the man trying to keep him down, the singer plans on re-posting the tracks to his own blog. It could be worse, Bradford; Procter & Gamble owns our guest bathroom. [LINK]

Estelle and John Legend drop free EP, Sing And Flow: If you missed it, we were just blessed with the release of a collaborative EP between UK singer Estelle and American piano man John Legend. With remixes featuring Talib Kweli and a new track from Estelle's upcoming All Of Me LP, this is the sleeper joint we totally don't mind downloading for $0.00. [LINK]

A Thanksgiving break recap featuring Portishead, U2, Wolf Parade, and more: While you were drinking Southern Comfort and eggnog while sucking dead flesh off the thigh bone of a flightless bird, you undoubtedly missed a few happenings in the music world. Worry not, as we're more than happy to make you a plate of the top news stories you slept through, including Wolf Parade going on hiatus, System of A Down returning from their own hiatus, news on a new Portishead album, and much more. Plus, this plate doesn't have any green bean casserole. [LINK]

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