Favorite song: "Rollout (My Business)"
Soulja Boy: “This is before I was Soulja Boy. Still DeAndre Way in school. I don't know how I got this album. My mom probably bought it for me. That shit was bumpin’. I had my little CD player. I wasn't in Zone 1. I don’t know what Zone it was, but I was right by West End Mall. I was in middle school and [the first song, ‘Coming 2 America’] comes on, 'The Royal Penis is clean, your highness.' [Starts singing ‘Roll Out’] I knew that whole verse. You can't even recite that shit like I can recite that shit. If you remember, each verse off that shit was super-tongue-twisting. I used to get hoes off just reciting that shit in school. I used to know it word for word. I'm telling you, you gotta look it up and just listen. Like, he was really saying some shit. I can't remember none of that now, but back then when I was that age, I remember writing that shit, rewinding, write it, rewind it, write it, and then I’d get the whole thing and rap that shit all the way through.”