Favorite song: "Miss Me" f/ Lil Wayne
Soulja Boy: “When I was in the hood unsigned and I ain't have nothing, watching TV, I saw [Drake] on Degrassi. I saw him get shot on the show. I saw him turn around and start running. Pap! Pap! I was watching that and after I got famous, sold 12 million with ‘Crank That,’ did a million albums with Souljaboytellem.com, Drake came outta nowhere. And then niggas was like, 'Thats the same dude from that show, Degrassi.’ I was like, ‘For real? I used to watch that show. That's the dude that got shot?' And then when I heard “Miss Me” I was in the studio with Bun B and we was working on Bun B's album. He was like, 'I'ma play this song me and Drake did. Check it out.' He played that bitch and that nigga said, 'Tell me what’s really going on/Drizzy back up in this thing, I’m ready, what’s hannenin’. ' I picked up the phone and I called Drake like, 'I'm in the studio with Bun B. I just heard that song.' He was like, 'Yeah man, I had to pay homage. I had to bring back a classic.' ’Cause you know [the song Drake got the line from] ‘What’s Hannenin’ wasn't even big at all. That's like underground Soulja Boy. That's like 2006 no-MySpace Soulja Boy. That wasn’t on no album. That was off Soundclick. So that meant Drake was listening to my shit all the way back then. That song old as fuck. You had to be a Soulja Boy superfan just to catch that. That's what made that super-dope. The whole album was good. He can sing and rap, so it was over with.