Favorite song: "Lean Wit It" / "Laffy Taffy"
Soulja Boy: “When I heard the Franchise Boyz album, I think at that point I was rapping and I had just started to make beats. So when I listened to the album I didn't hear anything but the beat machine. I heard the kick and the snap. The same shit that I was using. The beats was real bumpin’. Today I go back and listen to both of those albums and I can see the whole pattern in my head because I'm a super-producer right now. If I listen to any one of them songs, I can see the whole pattern. Both albums had the same sound. It's hard to explain, but they started something. They popped off the whole new-school hip-hop shit. Them two together sparked Soulja Boy. When that shit popped, that was the creation of Soulja Boy.”