Favorite song: "No More Pain"
Soulja Boy: “I can't even put that into words. 2Pac was just on some whole other shit from all other rappers. Ain’t no other rapper that was on the shit 2Pac was on. That album been remixed and remastered so many times. 2Pac, period. It ain't even about the songs, man. There still ain't no other rapper that gonna ever see 2Pac. That nigga was saying super-real shit. Like, look at these rappers today and look at 2Pac; there ain't no comparison. Look at a nigga like Ice T, not to bring the shit back up, and then look at a nigga like 2Pac. Remember that scene from Poetic Justice where 2Pac plays the song and Joe Torry hated on it and he said, ‘Why you always got something negative to say, man? At least a nigga being creative.’ I felt like that nigga was talking directly about me. That’s some real-ass nigga shit to say. You up here hating, trying to knock a motherfucker.”