Bangladesh: "That was the same night, I did 'Lemonade' first then we did 'Stupid Wild.' He said he wanted something real hard and dark, so I turned the beat on and he just started rapping. I changed the hook on that actually too. He wrote something, but I just took a piece of what he said in the verses and looped it."

"Gucci go hard. It was like five or six in the morning [when] he left the studio to gamble. He went to the crap table at five in the morning. I probably sat there and watched him shoot dice for about 45 minutes before I went to my room.

"Got up the next day, left out my room about three in the afternoon and I'm walking through the casino and Gucci still out gambling! He changed out his clothes though but he ain’t been to sleep though. So I saw him and he was like, 'C'mon Bang! C'mon Bang!' Gucci go hard. It was a pretty dope experience working in Vegas."