Bangladesh: "'Forever' was probably the last one I did [for 8Ball & MJG]. I just was really trying to make them something else. I knew Lloyd for a long time, he stayed around the corner from me. And I knew that he had just signed to Murder Inc. at the time.

"I thought he was perfect to get on it and he was just a phone call away, so I just called him to come get on the hook. When he put the hook on it, they loved it but they didn't even know what he was saying. They was like, 'What is he saying right there?' [Laughs.]

"I think Lloyd was 16 or 17 when I first met him. I met him through the industry. An A&R brought him to my house, so I didn’t really like that. I like organic shit. I don't really like industry meetings and shit like that. But when I found out he stayed around the corner from me, we was working, and working. He was my ideal artist that I wanted to work with cause my beats and his voice woulda killed.

"I would always wanna hear Lloyd's voice on aggressive beats or hard beats, just other stuff than what he would usually do. I know Lloyd—not from being in the street—but from being in the hood, not the clean-cut singer that he presents himself as. So I just wanted to hear him on a beat that was more for the street. But when he came out, the music he was making wasn't what I expected it to be. It was a more Irv Gotti sound."