Bangladesh: "After Ludacris’ shit, I was gonna do my own thing independently. I wasn’t gonna be dependent on them so I had to be dependent on myself. I started getting out there shaking hands, meeting people, and politicking.

"So I met 8Ball and I got his number, but we never really got up because he never answered his phone. I was in New York meeting with the A&R at Bad Boy at the time. [While in NY] I called 8Ball and he happened to pick up his phone and he just happened to be in NY, too.

"I was playing them beats and 'Don't Make' was the first joint. That was off the first beat CD that I made and he picked that beat. That was on a Monday, on a Friday I'm going to the Bad Boy meeting. So, I hadn't heard anything from Ball. When I get to Bad Boy, they talking about this song. So, they was like, 'You're the one that did 'Don’t Make?' I ain't even know that it was this major, that this song got them open.

"So Puff comes and he wants me to produce half their album. That was actually the third time I met Puff. The first two times he showed an interest in my music and in my production ability. He mentioned some stuff along the lines of giving me more music. But after that time when he heard the 8Ball track, [there were] more opportunities and more openings."