Bangladesh: "I actually made [that beat] after the 'A Milli' hype and all that was going on. Basically, I was in LA Fitness just thinking about working on my mixtape. I have a female artist and I still have a rap artist and I was just trying to figure out a way to put those dudes on an 'A Milli' type record.

"This is just mixtape shit, this ain't no 'I'm just trying to sell the beat' or anything like that. So, for the female part I got the idea of saying 'Diva' over the female part and for the male part I was gonna have him say something like 'Gorilla' or something like that.

"When I made 'Diva' and listened to it, everyone that was in the room said it sounded like an original piece that I was gonna sell. When I was talking to Sean Garrett, he kept talking about 'A Milli.' So I gave him 'Diva' and he went crazy over it because he knew that if I was gonna sell it as an original piece then it would have to be Beyonce. Ain't no other divas out there so it ended up working out as planned. But normally, it doesn't work that way."