Happy Thanksgiving bitches! Now that Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freekey Zekey are back together, and a Charlie Brown Dipset X-Mas is right around the corner, we're hyped to see what our favorite Harlem crew is gonna cook up this year and next. In fact, they're playing Hammerstein Ballroom tomorrow night and you know Complex is going to be in the building. In the spirit of the holidays, we figured we'd celebrate by rounding up some our favorite Dipset moments from the past few months with 8 reasons we're thankful for the reunion. GOONIES!

1) Kanye saying Dipset is "so necessary." Despite the fact Cam and Jimmy jacked 'Ye's "Runaway." and took a shot at him six years after Jay and Dame broke up, 'Ye played the bigger man by explaining to Funk Flex that Dipset's voice in hip-hop is "so necessary." Face it, guys, you know you'd smack up a crackhead for Ye's beats. Are you fronting on us? Is that necessary?

2) The video of Dipset and Dr. Dre in the studio. No, we don't know what's up with Dipset signing to Interscope or if that's ever going to happen. Stop asking us. However, we are proud to say we debuted footage of the Good Doc and Harlem's finest cooking up in the studio. So at the very least, we can say Dre still produces beats and doesn't just hock overpriced earphones. Dipset x Detox? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

3) "Salute." Once Dipset deaded the beef they got right back to the most important thing of all: Making music. "Salute" remains one of our favorite songs of the year because Dipset is in full effect, proving they can still recapture the energy we loved so much. You think we give a fuck about sparklers?

4) Araabmuzik. Props to the whole crew (Cam'ron in particular) for always having a good ear for beats. Lest we forget, if it wasn't for Dipset we probably would have never heard all those great beats from The Heatmakerz. We were hoping Dipset would hook up with them again—but even if they don't, it's all good, because we've been introduced to the MPC stylings of Araabmuzik, who happened to produce "Salute."

5) 2010 BET Performance. Dipset missed their shot at reuniting live on stage two years in a row at Hot 97's Summer Jam. In the end, the first high-profile Dipset reunion performance took place when they performed "Salute" at the BET Awards this past October. Hey, we're not complaining. It's just good to see those guys together on stage again.

6) Cam is in a better mood. Is it just us, or did Cam seem like he was grumpy all through the beef—as well as the release of his last album, Crime Pays? Either way, he seems like he's all smiles these days. Probably because fat chicks at the mall never had asses that smelled so good. Wait, what?

7) Freekey Zekey's bone marrow charity work. We love Freekey (II), but he was never really much of a rapper. Now that Dipset is back together, he's back to being a relevant rapper (well, semi-relevant) and an entertaining hypeman. And hey, it seems like he's using his fame for a good cause. Freaky recently helped register bone marrow donors in NYC. Good for him!

8) It gave us an excuse to put together The 50 Greatest Dipset Songs. In case you couldn't already guess, we're pretty big fans. Besides, what else are we gonna do this time of year—put together another Thanksgiving mixtape?

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