Left To Right (clockwise): Kanye West, Jay Electronica, Swizz Beatz, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown & Keri Hilson

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We're back and delivering the best new music, as always, but today's playlist is filled with nothing but big names. First up, a track all of us Kanye West fans have been waiting for: the Q-Tip-produced "Chain Heavy." Jay Electronica, Roc Nation's latest signee, delivers "The Announcement." Swizz Beatz brings us today's #MonsterMondays leak with Busta Rhymes and DMX. We have Michael Jackson's first official single from the posthumous Michael album. Also, Chris Brown is still milking the hell out of his "Deuces" single and this time it's a Euro-pop remix with Keri Hilson. Kick off your week right and stream, download, and share your thoughts with us under the cut...

SONG: "Chain Heavy"
ARTIST: Kanye West f/ Cosequence & Talib Kweli
•The Q-Tip-produced heat rock is this week's G.O.O.D. Friday track.

SONG: "The Announcement"
ARTIST: Jay Electronica
•This samples John F. Kennedy's "We Choose To Be On The Moon" speech.

SONG: "Ya'll Don't Really Know"
ARTIST: Swizz Beatz f/ Busta Rhymes & DMX
•Here's today's #MonsterMondays leak. It's the return of Dark Man X!

SONG: "Hold My Hand"
ARTIST: Michael Jackson & Akon
•The first single from MJ's posthumous Michael album due out December 14.

SONG: "Deuces (Europop Remix)"
ARTIST: Chris Brown f/ Keri Hilson
•Chris Brown and Keri go Euro-pop on the official "Deuces" remix.

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