We loved the Haddaway-sampled track when we first heard it, and are glad to see a full-fledged video featuring both Em, and Wayne shredding up their verses. Speaking of the Martian, did the man get any break before he went in? 'Cause it seems like he pulled a Mackavelli with new shits. But, going back to Marshall's visual, it's great to see a well-directed, and non-ostentatious rap joint, featuring a pretty-descent storyline. It would've been more interesting, though, if the troubled victim did it like The Karate Kid to fight back the bullies (instead of simply relying on Slim and Weezy records). Regardless, look out for cameo appearances from Alchemist, Mr. Porter, and the song's producer, Just Blaze (who just opened his new studio). Enjoy.

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