ti-1Yesterday, TMZ reported that T.I. talked a suicidal jumper off the roof of a building in downtown Atlanta. According to the report, police responded to a call that a man was threatening to kill himself in the same building where V-103's Ryan Cameron's radio show is held. T.I. heard about the situation on the radio and came to the building, meeting with police and recording a video message that was later played for the jumper, which remarkably convinced him to get off the roof. T.I. spoke to reporters afterward.

Although this seems like a heartwarming story of a rapper doing something heroic, we're just a little too cynical to believe it completely. Mainly because T.I. is due to see a judge this Friday where he's facing parole violation charges that could land him in jail for 8-14 months. So what do you think? Did T.I. really save that man's life or was this all an elaborate set-up by the cagey King of the South to curry some favor with the law? We're putting it to the savvy Complex readers to vote and let us know.

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