Lupe Fiasco's Lasers finally gets a release date: Young people of the world, don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't make a difference. Sure, you can't stop global warming or end hunger, but the persistence of this generation finally got Lupe Fiasco's long-awaited Lasers album the release date it finally deserves: March 8th, 2011. We're extra happy, because it's either that or another Japanese Cartoon LP. [LINK]

Gene Simmons wants to "sue everyone" over file sharing: As it turns out, the guy who made a career as a blood-spitting demon doesn't have much tact as a businessman. According to KISS frontman Gene Simmons, a man who has endorsed everything from Dr. Pepper to condoms, the only way to handle the complicated issue of file sharing is to just "sue everyone" and take everything they own. As long as they don't take people's KISS pinball machines or credit cards, right? [LINK]

The Cool Kids split from label: While Lupe Fiasco went the way of sticking it out with his label and coming to an agreement, The Cool Kids are just going to go ahead and depart from their label, Chocolate Industries, and make music "without the BS." No word yet on when and where their debut LP, When Fish Ride Bicycles, will be released, but we totally agree with them: labels are for Kenny G. [LINK]

Cee-Lo confirms Goodie Mob reunion: Cee-Lo Green might be a solo star, but he hasn't forgotten his roots. The Lady Killer confirmed the Atlanta hip-hop outfit does have a new album in the works, which will be their first together since Green's departure in 2002. Would it be cool to make a joke here about how he didn't say "Fuck You" to his bandmates? No? We didn't think so either. [LINK]

Glee > The Beatles: Let's lay this out there and let you handle it the way you choose (which will be either hysterical joy or a depression that knows no bounds): According to Billboard, TV obsession Glee officially has more Billboard Hot 100 songs than The Beatles, edging out the lads from Liverpool by four with a total of 75. At least Elvis Presley (with 108) has those Gleeks in check; until season 4, that is. [LINK]

Watch Gorillaz live on David Letterman: Don't ever call Gorillaz a fake band. Well, you kinda can, because most of the members are actually cartoons, but the work of Damon Albarn and his collaborators isn't any less real. What other band plays on Letterman and then goes and does a 45-minute webcast? Not even the Banana Splits. [LINK]

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