Justin Bieber makes a truly upsetting amount of money: As if his perfect head of hair, angelic voice, and life-altering smile weren't enough, The Smoking Gun recently revealed that Justin Bieber makes $300,000 a concert. Yes, you read that right: $300,000 a concert, or $9 million a year. For comparison, Weezer, whose debut album was released when the Biebz was just two months old, only make $150,000 a show. Also, we're sure he just made like $100 in the time you read this. [LINK]

Kanye West's new album due November 22nd: Forget Christmas, Hanukkah, and even Kwanzaa; we've all been collectively blessed with a true winter celebration this November when Kanye West finally drops his new album on November 22nd. Between this and G.O.O.D. Friday, we just want to throw on our Christmas sweater, get a mug of piping hot cocoa, and jam out to "Flashing Lights" all winter long. God bless us, every one! [LINK]

U2 set to headline Glastonbury 2011?: U2 are rock veterans with some of the most loyal and ferocious fans in the world. And how do they repay years of dedication and pumping millions of dollars into their pockets? By dropping cryptic hints on their official site about gaps in their tour schedule coinciding with Glastonbury 2011. Bono, the other guys, please stop playing games with our hearts and just make that wondrous trip to Worthy Farm already. We'll even support that Spider-Man musical, for real. [LINK]

Lou Reed, Mos Def to join Gorillaz for MSG show: Hey, New York, how's it going? You've got some of the best culture in the world; congrats! Just a little warning though: Some Americans are kind of jealous. It's not your fault, but when the Gorillaz come to Madison Square Garden and they bring Mos Def and Lou Reed along as guests, it upsets places like Wichita, KS. It's OK, though, haters gonna hate. And by haters we mean Hoboken, NJ. [LINK]

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to release kids album: Joining the likes of Shaquille O'Neal and Ron Artest, Dwight Howard is adding his name to the list of NBA stars who have made "music." Unlike the others, Howard is making music for the kiddies of the world. That's right, he'll be dunking some knowledge on our youth and elbowing them with a reality check about the importance of positivity. [LINK]

Boy Scouts of America against digital downloading... and Radiohead: According to the Boy Scouts of America, there's a moral dilemma gripping this nation. Nope, it's not gay marriage this time (wait 'til a little closer to Election Day, though). Nope, the problem is digital downloading, and the issue is worsened by bands like Radiohead and their "pay what you want" model that further confuses people about the difference between pirated and legal downloads. Don't blame the Scouts, though; hating Thom Yorke is a merit badge. [LINK]

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