Early White Stripes single fetches $18,000: Remember those drawings you did as a kid that your parents used to put on the fridge? Those weren't priceless (plus they were probably ugly). If you want to see a truly pricey hand-drawing example, then take a peep at one of the original copies for The White Stripes' "Lafayette Blues" single, which was hand-drawn by Italy Records head Dave Buick and isn't even a copy done by White himself, and went for $18,000 at a recent auction. Imagine what a copy touched by White's magic hands would go for. [LINK]

Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard perform at MLB Playoff game: Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel are a modern couple; he's the frontman of Death Cab for Cutie and she's a successful actress and musician in her own right with She & Him. And while they don't share a last name, they're as American as apple pie when it comes to our national pasttime, baseball. Gibbard kicked off Game Three of the National League Championship Series with the national anthem, while Deschanel gave everyone a soundtrack to buy nachos to during the seventh-inning stretch. Ain't America grand? [LINK]

Joanna Newsom won't be appearing on The Simpsons after all: If your dreams were to ever see Joanna Newsom get all Simpson-fied and make a trip to Springfield, where she'd get into some wacky adventure and possibly do a crazy harp solo, then keep dreaming. And speaking of dreaming, we now officially want to spend a night in Newsom's dreams. [LINK]

GAYNGS moving forward with legal action over bus snafu: Sure, they may be a band whose sound harks back to '80s soft rock, but that doesn't mean the members of GAYNGS can't play hard ball. After they were left stranded and gear-less when their tour bus was taken back by the rental company, the Minneapolis ensemble are suing CJ Star Buses' owner CJ Curtsinger to recoup all the damages, including money from their missed ACL gig and travel expenses. Here's an important lesson: don't mess with people who roll with Prince. [LINK]

The Flaming Lips to play The Soft Bulletin on New Year's Eve: For this New Year's festivities, avoid New York and the cold and vomit-covered ground sprinkled with bits of confetti and enjoy a truly momentous celebration when The Flaming Lips play The Soft Bulletin, their 1999 masterpiece, at a gig in their hometown of Oklahoma City. Or, just wait until they don't it again July 1st in London. Either way, just avoid any celebration involving Ryan Seacrest. [LINK]

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