Dr. Dre works out with Lebron James, forgets about Detox: Seems like somebody watched The Shining once too often as Dr. Dre, the rap impresario and producing legend, has all but bucked off finishing up and releasing Detox to have a life of all play and no work. Well, that's not completely accurate; he is working out with Lebron James in order to help The King sell his Beats headphones. [LINK]

Radiohead contributing to score for Edward Norton movie Stone: How does one truly score a soundtrack to a film starring Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro in a complicated plot involving the American prison system, love, vengeance, betrayal, and loads of sex? Get Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood to make some freaky ambient rock tunes to set the mood! We're pretty sure that's taught in film soundtrack production 101, right after "make songs catchy." [LINK]

2010 Fourth Quarter Music Preview: You're probably lost in a sea of music as we speak. Well, grab our hand and come aboard the SS CoS. Here's a towel and some cocoa. Also, take a look at this great preview of every album out for the next three months. Whether it's North American releases, when albums hit the shelves in the UK, or other music-related offerings, hush now, cause we're going to make it all better. [LINK]

Wilco to start work on new album this fall: After releasing Wilco last year, it seems like the men of Wilco are ready to get the band back together already for album number eight. All that stands in the way of some alt-rock magic brainstorming is for multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone to finish up touring for The Autumn Defense this month. Then, it's gonna be a bunch of chill dudes just hanging out in blazers and flannels, playing guitars. Sounds like heaven. [LINK]

New Bright Eyes protest song, "Coyote Song": Of all the imagery coming out of the recent immigration debate, nothing is quite as poetic and meaningful as Conor Oberst playing piano in the desert border between Texas and Mexico in the video for his new song. It's a stirring image that speaks a hidden truth: Oberst is really deep and can solve a generations-old problem with a simple tune. We'd say go back to writing letters, but, well, you know... [LINK]

The Who talk 2011 tour, album possibilities: Just because Pete Townsend is going deaf from years of obliterating his ear drums in front of gargantuan speakers doesn't mean that The Who can't rebound for an amazing 2011. With the possibility of a project based on an older work, a greatest hits tour, and a new album, not even a debilitating disability can stop them. You know who appreciates deaf musicians? Coachella 2011 attendees. [LINK]

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