What happened?: LL Cool J has always been one of Def Jam's signature artists. So it only made sense he would feel slighted in 2008 when Def Jam stopped paying attention to him despite the fact that he helped build the label. He let off some stream on the 50 Cent-assisted "Queens" where he spit, "I don't rig Soundscans/I wish Rick 'n' Russell was back/I miss the old Def Jam/'Cause them new monkeys act like they don't know who I am!/The promotion and marketing wasn't worth a damn."
Complex says: We'd like to feel bad for LL, but we really don't see why he's so upset. Because the facts are: One, He's a legend no matter what. Two, he doesn't sell records like he used to. And three, he's getting that NCIS money anyhow.