What we learned: Assata Shakur lived an unbelievable life
Quotable: "There were lights and sirens, gunshots firing/Cover your eyes as I describe a scene so violent."
Complex says: Common paid respect to Assata Shakur by detailing her infamous 1973 shootout with New Jersey State Troopers and its aftermath. The shootout left Shakur's close friend and a State Trooper dead while she and another State Trooper were wounded. It also led to her being convicted for murder in 1977. In 1979, Shakur escaped from prison and went on the lam to Cuba, where she's hidden out ever since. And yes, she's related to Tupac Shakur (she was his step-aunt). Her political exile to Cuba is probably one of the reasons why some hip-hop fans believe Pac faked his death and escaped to Cuba himself.