If you haven't heard the rumor news, come out from under your head-high stacks of moldering newspapers and congratulate Jay-Z and Beyonce on their pregnancy! Well, it's really just Beyonce's pregnancy, but considering Jay's been in the studio for 48 hours straight prepping this mixtape*, he couldn't be happier. Thankfully, we're the first to get our greedy little hands on the material, so click on to peep the tracklisting. Judging from some of the titles, this is clearly a labor of love...or at least a love of labor.

*this totally un-true parody mixtape. Pump your brakes on the C&D letters, Hov!


1. "Crib Pimpin'" f/ Bun B
2. "Sesame Streets Is Watching"
3. "Can I Get A...Nap?"
4. "Change Clothes (The Burping Song)"
5. "2 Many Diapers"
6. "There's Been a Poopy"
7. "Rap Game/Nap Game"
8. "Sleep Ain't a Thang"
9. "22 (Number) Two's"
10. "Imaginary Play Date"
11. "Coming of Age Pt. III" f/ Uncle Bleek
12. "Parkin' Lot Changin'"
13. "The Watcher Part 3 (Baby Monitor Mix)"
14. "Is That Yo Binky?"
15. "Never Change (That's Your Mom's Job)"
16. "Hovi Baby" f/ Hovi's Baby
17. "A Star Is Bjorn"
18. "Do U Wanna Ride (On Daddy's Shoulders?)"
19. "Sonogram" f/ Ja Rule & DMX
20. "Can't Knock the Dribble"


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