Executive of: Bad Boy Records 
Street Cred: Puffy is not only the most famous person on this list, but he may also be the best marketer of the group. Why do we say that? Because when people think of Diddy, they think of Ciroc, J. Lo, and dancing.

But we can't help but notice that when Pac got shot at Quad Studios, Puff was there. When Shyne shot up the club, Puff was there. And when Biggie was killed, Puff was there. When Steve Stoute got hit with a bottle, Puff was definitely there. When Jake "The Violator" Robles was killed in Atlanta, Robles' friend Suge Knight blamed Puff.

We're not saying he's responsible for any of these things in any way. We're just saying Puff has come out of a lot of gangsta situations completely unscathed. And like they say, Bad Boys dance around move in silence.