Executive of: Cash Money Records 
Street Cred: Though the Williams brothers were once arrested for driving around with army guns, that's not why they made this list. We're not gonna speak on how in the world they got enough money to start Cash Money in the first place.

We're not even gonna mention the whispers that Baby had something to do with the murder of Yella Boy (a member of former Cash Money act U.N.L.V.), or the fact that they've allegedly stiffed everyone from Jim Jonsin to Mannie Fresh to Juvenile on monies owed.

We're just gonna talk about the ever-present look on Slim's face (Pause). Doesn't that dude just look like he's gonna kill you if you get out of line? In fact, we apologize in advance for even including you guys in this post. We're just joking. Please don't kill us.