Last week, the Internet went nuts after XXL debuted the cover of their November 2010 issue. Why all the fuss? Well, as if a headwrapped 50 Cent looking like a cross between Lawrence of Arabia and Shinobi the Ninja wasn't bad enough, the cover featured 50 Cent with his hand on the waist of a shirtless, Hanes-underwear-wearing Soulja Boy...who just happened to be grabbing his crotch. All we can say is, "all-pause everything!" Even XXL had to acknowledge the cover's pause-worthiness by creating a poll comparing to another suspect cover. But we can't knock them since a number of hip-hop magazines have put out some very suspect covers (yes, even Complex). So we put together The 10 Most Pause-Worthy Magazine Covers, mostly because it's an easy laugh. #NoShots on this entire post.