Left To Right (clockwise): Lupe Fiasco, Lil B, Akon, Young Jeezy, tabi Bonney

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If you're a rap head, today's playlist is for you. We've got a ton of dope hip-hop in the world of music leaks. First up, Lupe Fiasco surprised us with the feature-heavy remix to "I'm Beaming," a track from his forthcoming Lasers album. We have another one from the "Based God" Lil B, which he says is the first leak appearing on his upcoming Red Flame mixtape. Akon gets Rick Ross and a beat from The Runners for a joint that will appear on Akonic. The untagged version of Young Jeezy's "Sleep When I Die" was liberated. And Tabi Bonney "makes a killing" with Pusha T on a song from his next LP. As always, the fun starts after you hit the jump...

SONG: "I'm Beaming (Remix)"
ARTIST: All City Chess Club
• Lupe remixes "I'm Beaming" with the help of a ton of well-known emcees.

SONG: "Like A Groupie"
• The first single from Lil B's Red Flame mixtape is a wild one!

SONG: "Give It To 'Em"
ARTIST: Akon f/ Rick Ross
• Akon's back with that hip-hop sound on the Rick Ross-featured The Runners-produced Akonic cut.

SONG: "Sleep When I Die"
ARTIST: Young Jeezy
• We finally get TM103 on December 14th. Here's one from Da Snowman until then.

SONG: "Make A Killin'"
ARTIST: Tabi Bonney f/ Pusha T
• tabi Bonney snatches Pusha T for a song off his forthcoming LP dropping November 23rd.

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