Left To Right (clockwise): Kanye West, N.E.R.D, Lykke Li, Bugatti Boyz, Swizz Beatz

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A lot of great music surfaced over the weekend. We begin with yet another G.O.O.D. Friday leak from Kanye West. This one features Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Big Sean. N.E.R.D hit us with "Party People" featuring T.I.. Swedish singer Lykke Li is back. Diddy and Rick Ross, also known as Bugatti Boyz, dropped off their new joint. And Swizz Beatz introduces "Monster Mondays" with a new track featuring UK artist Estelle. Start your week off right. You know what to do. Stream and download music after the jump...

SONG: "Don't Look Down (The Phoenix Story)"
ARTIST: Kanye West f/ Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco & Big Sean
• The latest leak from Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Friday series.

SONG: "Party People"
Nothing already sounds great!

SONG: "Get Some"
ARTIST: Lykke Li
• One of two new singles from the Swedish cutie.

SONG: "Fontaine Bleau"
ARTIST: Bugatti Boyz f/ Masspike Miles
• Diddy and Rick Ross drop off another Bugatti Boyz track.

SONG: "DJ Play The Beat"
ARTIST: Swizz Beatz f/ Estelle
• Swizzy launched "Monster Mondays." Here's the first leak.

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