Sure, it's the most laughable, ridiculous, embarrassing relic of early-MTV musical culture that exists. Yes, it serves as a far better send-up of the more regrettable aspects of the '80s aesthetic than anything Saturday Night Live fictionalized at the time. True, Sacha Baron Cohen could never choreograph something so hilarious with a million-dollar budget. But before you dismiss the video for Billy Squier's "Rock Me Tonight" outright, consider the part around the 1:20 mark, where he prances past the satin-sheeted bed and does the sort-of waving-the-pom-poms thing with his arms and then the air-guitar before ripping that Flashdance T-shirt off his chest (a climactic moment to be played again in slow-motion and... freeze frame!) and know that you have never ever in your entire life felt so free.