Mos Def signs with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint: As it turns out, doling out whimsical sayings regarding women and the iPad isn't Kanye West's only hobby; seems as if he also enjoys nabbing A-list rappers for his G.O.O.D. Music label. While it was Pusha T just a couple weeks ago, West's newest signing is none other than Brooklyn rapper and underground darling Mos Def. Could this be the momentum to get Mos Def into the big time at last? Regardless, G.O.O.D. Music is on its way of edging out West's stamp collection in sheer awesomeness. [LINK]

Hear new Animal Collective songs when you buy their shoe: We're aware of a certain child and the abuse and insults that he received for wearing Batman pajamas, Batman Converse, and a Batman wristwatch to school. Now, though, adorning yourself in the fashions of your icon, like you can do with the new Animal Collective shoe, is not only cool, it'll get you previously unreleased music. Good, that should heal those scars from 4th grade. [LINK]

Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack due November 22nd: Fans have been waiting for this soundtrack almost as long as they've been waiting for the sequel. We've exaggerated slightly, but the giddiness we've felt for the French robots to finally drop the long-awaited soundtrack has felt drawn out thanks to fake leaks and Disneyland attractions. Don't blame us, though; we're sure everyone can't wait for a Jeff Bridges movie to feature house music. [LINK]

Billy Joe Armstrong to star in Green Day's American Idiot musical: Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong can do a lot of things: write awesome pop-punk songs, bring the concept album to a whole new generation, and make guyliner seem cool. Now Armstrong adds another accolade to the list as he joins the cast of the American Idiot musical for a one-week run from September 28th-October 3rd. That's right, punk's gone Broadway. [LINK]

Stream Sufjan Stevens' The Age of Adz: Sufjan Stevens and his label Asthmatic Kitty Records may have beef with Amazon for album prices, but they got nothing but love for the uber-liberal geeks who listen to NPR. Up until the album's October 12th release, you can stream Stevens' much anticipated The Age of Adz via NPR Music. We're sure you can't wait to get your dance on as you drive your partner's kids to school in your Prius. [LINK]

Big Day Out 2011 featuring Crystal Castles, The Black Keys, Lupe Fiasco: Australia/New Zealand's traveling music festival Big Day Out is, as the name indicates, a big day—big enough to not need a spectacle to announce the initial lineup. But being foreigners, they get Andrew W.K. to rattle off the likes of Tool, Rammstein, The Stooges, Die Antwoord, Crystal Castles, Ratatat, The Black Keys, Lupe Fiasco, and more. Crikey, what a group. [LINK]

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