Ski: "Jay couldn't come up with a hook. That's why he took the sample from the guy from Sleepers and threw it in there. He was like, 'This is dope but I don’t know what kind of hook to add to it.' That movie was good but it was Jay’s idea to use it. He's definitely a movie buff, anything that had that energy of what he was representing.

"I never even noticed [it was edited on the album version.] Not at all. When I do songs, I don’t go back and listen to them. I just do them, and I keep doing them. That's one weird thing about me. I don't even have time for these songs. I had Reasonable Doubt in my car one time, for a month or two. But you know, I don’t want to hear it. I did it, I heard this a zillion times. I heard it more than anybody on Earth.

Think about it, when I’m making a beat, I’m looping this beat over and over for hours all day. Just working on this beat making it right. And then he lays a verse. And once it done, for two weeks straight I’ll play it to death. Then I can’t hear it no more. I’m pretty sure other producers got catalogs of their records and plaques and everything just to remember it. I’m more like, 'Okay, we did it. Let’s go to the next one.' I’m like painting pictures, I need a blank canvas all the time."