Ski: "The last song I did with Jay was 'People Talking.' A lot of people think Kanye or Just Blaze did it, but I did it. I made that beat for an artist that I was working with in North Carolina named Mr. Dolo. He put out a mixtape called Carolina Blue Vol. 1.

"He was on that beat and he was killing it. But Jay was in town doing a show in Charlotte, and he said, 'Yo, you got any beats man? I'm in town. Come and see me.' I just had the instrumental version of that—and after he heard it, the next week he was flying me to New York to lay it down.

"That was classic but it never really saw the light of day because it was a hidden track on the Unplugged album. It's funny, I speak to Dame about it a lot and he be like, 'That was my favorite song that Jay ever did and I was mad he didn't want to shoot a video.' They wanted to shoot a video and do everything for that, but for some reason Jay didn’t want to do it. I have no idea why."