Ski: "I had started a record label called Roc-A-Blok, that was like ’95-’96. I had an artist named Richie Thumbs signed to our label at the time, and he was from Yonkers. So he told us about the group, 'Yo, there's this group called Sporty Thievz from Yonkers—they're pretty good, you should sign them.'

They came by the studio and I heard them rhyme, and as soon as I heard them I was like, 'These kids is kinda ill.' And they made they own beats. So we started working and making jams. And eventually we signed them to Roc-A-Blok.

"We made the 'Cheapskate' record which Sony put out with the video, and all that which did okay. But then they took it upon themselves to create the 'No Pigeons' record. They just took the instrumental to that record and rapped over it and it just took off. Everybody knew they was good, but they didn’t have a record at the time that was considered a commercial hit. They proved they was lyrically creative and they could also get on the radio. It was ill because that’s what they're known for, those kind of records. The timing was perfect."