Ski: "I did like five songs with Big L (R.I.P.). Big L was actually about to sign with Roc-A-Fella and be down with us know what happened to him. He was coming through to my house and we had a good vibe so we would make hot records. That was right after Reasonable Doubt.

"He would bring Ma$e, Cam, Bloodshed (R.I.P.) by the house. I did songs with all of them even before they was out. But people never, ever heard that. It was the same thing that happened with Jay—I was like, 'We’re not gonna use these,' and I just got rid of them.

"That tape was dope, but only Big L had a copy and I never kept the tape. I don’t even know the names of the songs we did but we did some hot songs. I never knew it was going to be anything. Big L definitely had a tape but none of the songs I ever did with him ever came out.

"Mad cats ask me, 'Yo you sure you can’t dig them up?' I'm like, 'They’re gone!' Same for Outsidaz, Rah Digga, even Camp Lo. We would do like 20 songs, keep 10. Camp Lo, we did a whole album worth of stuff nobody will ever hear. I gave them tapes, but I know they don't have it."