Media_CircusPolitics: You know why we find it difficult to stop thinking of Republicans as bigoted old white men who wish we could go back to the days of legal inequality? Maybe it's because their idea of a good party involves South Carolina Senate President Glenn McConnell dressing up as Confederate General and taking smiling photos with black folks dressed up as slaves. [Think Progress]

TV: Jamie Hector, best known for playing ice-cold Baltimore drug lord Marlo Stanfield on HBO's The Wire, is going to appear on FOX's series Lie to Me in a heist episode. Jamie, you are a very bad man. [Hollywood Reporter]

Comics: DC Comics is going to stop shrink-wrapping books that cost less than $50, meaning buyers will be able to look inside them at their local shop. Holler when they stop wrapping the porn at our local drugstore! [Bleeding Cool]

Movies: According to Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, after several false starts, a feature film about the life of Bob Marley is happening. We can't wait to feast our I and I's on it. [Wall Street Journal]

Crime: It appears that an Illinois man who was carrying two pipe bombs was decapitated when one of them went off. We finally understand why our mom always told us not run while carrying pipe bombs. [CNN]