Colione:“This story goes way back to when J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League first became a group. When we first got together, we put out this CD called The .38 Special. And what we did was we put 38 of our top picks, from me, Rook, Barto, and [our management]. We got them pressed up and we sent them out. Everybody, everywhere got them. I think that beat was on that CD because we sent it out everywhere and then we started getting these calls from everyone who was like, 'Yo these beats are crazy!' It's when we finally started making a name for ourselves in the industry. I think 'Rumble Young Man Rumble' was about that time. And I don't know if anyone still has [that CD]. But man, I want it back.”

Rook: "It's funny because it's a song people always say that they love, and I keep on forgetting that we did that song. People don't realize that that version on the album is actually straight off the CD that Colione was talking about, The .38 Special. It wasn't multi-tracked or even mixed properly."