Rook:“We met [Ross] through our managers. They had relationships with Ross and his managers. They came to the house, listened to a bunch a beats, but when he heard the 'Maybach Music' track, he was immediately like, 'Yo, I'm going to call this song 'Maybach Music' and I'm going to put Jay-Z on it.’ As soon as he heard it, we were in business for the whole movement.

"Originally the track sampled Friends of Distinction’s 'And I Love Him,' which was a cover song of a Beatles song [called] ‘And I Love Her.’ [We] went back and forth with the Beatles publishing company, Sony ATV, just to make sure that we did not infringe on their copyright. We have about 5 different version of 'Maybach Music.' Basically we had to completely take out that sample and rearrange, rethink, and redo how it was. We just had to make sure that everything was completely different while keeping the same vibe of the original track that Ross loves so much. It ended up being a classic. From that song on, it influenced us to do that with damn near every song that we do so we don't have to clear samples."