Rook: "I think there's a common denominator when it comes to Ross. Every song that we do with him is damn near the same story. He hears the beat, he has the vision for the song, and he gets it done. Early in the process of the album he heard the song and he told us what the song was going to be,and who he wanted to get on it. So we heard it and we formatted it.”

Corleone: “The way it works is that he tells us the vision, we end up adding to the music, then he invites us to his house and he wants us to change stuff because he's got a studio in his crib. He'll actually send it out or he'll have the artist that he wants to be featured on the song in the studio. He'll do the hooks. When he first played us ‘Aston Martin Music’ he didn't have his verses on there. He just played us the actual hook with Drake and Chrisette Michelle. We heard that, had the hook, then we started building around that and changing some stuff right there at the spot at his house. A lot of his songs on Teflon Don were completed later on because he likes to finish them closer to when his album is coming out.”