What: Hot 97's Summer Jam 2001
Where: Nassau Coliseum, Long Island
Complex says: No moment lives in hip-hop infamy quite like the time Jay put Prodigy on the Summer Jam screen. In the midst of his feud with P (along with other rappers, notably Nas), Jay swiftly and decisively put Prodigy in his place by posting a 1988 picture that showed P dressed as a dancer, essentially destroying most of P's once limitless street cred. He even ended his set with, "Ask Nas, he don't want it with Hov," instigating the soon-to-be epic battle with Nas. As if that wasn't enough already, Jay found time to bring out the the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Though Jackson didn't say anything other than, "I love you all," his presence was enough to send the crowd bonkers. Backstage afterward, Jigga was looking so intensely focused we can't help but wonder what he was staring at. Hopefully it was titties.