Produced by: Nashiem Myrick
"I was representing a majority of Puffy's Hitmen producer crew, and Nashiem Myrick was one of them. Nashiem was such an ill producer for how he came up with the beat, flipping the 'I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over' sample into this beat. When I first heard the beat, originally as an interlude to Mary J. Blige's My Life album with Keith Murray rapping over it, then this version with Big, my mind couldn't comprehend how otherworldly the track sounded. Listen to them keys drop made me feel like I was tripping on dust, and I never smoked/inhaled dust in my life.

When Nashiem played the song in our office, I had no clue this was going to be the gasoline that would fully ignite the whole East Coast/West Coast beef bullshit. We had no clue Tupac would take this song as a major diss. We had no clue that 'Pac would soon join ranks with crazy ass Suge Knight and Death Row and use this record as motivation to bomb first. We had no clue this record would later, indirectly, lead to the deaths of not only Tupac, but our man Christopher Wallace. All we knew was that B.I.G. was that dude and the record was Smokey the Bear forest fires. Every car in every borough banged this hard. If we all had had a crystal ball and was able to see the chain of events that would lead to the future, maybe this record would have never been made. But now I'm talking crazy."