Produced by: Prince Paul
"I had just graduated from law school, taken the New York State bar exam, and successfully begged my way into an internship position at Def Jam. Public Enemy was my favorite group. They had dropped It Takes A Nation a year before, and to this day, that album is still considered as the greatest rap album of all time. Around this time, Russell Simmons was going through two bad break-ups—his split with former partner Rick Rubin and his separation from the Beastie Boys, then his biggest act. This wasn't the 'yoga, bend your head to your nutsacks' Simmons, but the 'hustling, grimed out, chain smoking, cocaine sniffing, model banging' Rush.

"Dude had nothing but hate for his former white boys and his revenge was resting on the shoulders of his new white rappers, MC Serch and Prime Minister Pete Nice (and DJ Richie Rich) who formed the rap group 3rd Bass. I thought 3rd bass was pretty good and had some good songs, but didn't feel MC Serch too tough, especially since he liked dropping the 'N' word in my presence like it was all good in the hood. 'The Gas Face' was their second single off their debut album. Someone from the label suggested I get involved in their video. At the time I rocked a baldie, way before them Onyx cats. Pete Nice asked me to jump in the video. Being that I was brand new in the game, I jumped at the offer. If you peep said video, I'm the cat rocking the Afro wig that gets pulled off before giving the camera the Gas Face. In the same joint is a very young MF Doom (Zev Love X). Doom is now one of my favorite rappers, crazy how that worked out. These were fun times in the industry. 3rd Bass had heat, but they never ended up doing Beastie numbers like Russell wanted them to. No shots."