Produced by: LL Cool J / Marley Marl
"I wasn't an LL fan, especially after his last joint, Walking Like A Panther, was generally considered a weak album. Plain and simple, LL had fallen way the eff off, and his career was considered finished to most. Plus, as a rookie in the game, I didn't like dealing with him and his father, who also happened to be his manager back then. LL was the first successful act at the label. He sold a lot of records and he was in the midst of renegotiating his deal with Def Jam. Being at odds with the label made him not a very nice guy, I'm guessing. Every time I saw LL and his pops, them cats seemed mad tight, not speaking, no smiling, and just a lot of attitude and ice grills. My first impression of dude was that he was a douche. Right after they wrapped up his renegotiation, LL and Marley Marl came through the office, had Russell follow them into the conference room to play some new material. My cubby was right next to the conference room. My boss called me in to take notes as Marley and LL banged 'Jingling Baby' through the speakers. It was the first track in the chamber that Marley and L cooked up for his non-comeback comeback album, Mama Said Knock You Out. Marley was a genius, not only for resuscitating LL's career, but for also creating the monster that was his biggest and greatest album of all time. That was the album that made LL become one of the greatest rappers of all time."