Produced by: Nitti
Ringtones sold: One million
Complex says: If anything signaled that Ringtone rap was dead, it was when barely capable rappers like Yung Joc got their Diddy on and started recruiting acts like Chicago trio Hot Stylz. Joc claimed the song was built on the Chi-Town tradition of "roasting" or "gunning," but we prefer to call it playing dozens. Hot Stylz was such a one-hit wonder that their album, which was titled Yo Momma Got A Mustache, didn't flop—it just didn't come out, period. (Though it probably had something to do with one of the members getting locked up). You's a can't even ship vinyl lookin' boy. A Wilmer Valderrama TV show wannabe lookin' boy. A Mac Lethal murdered you on your own shit lookin' boy.